I graduated from The University of Leeds with a BSc in Computing having previously completed a diploma with The Open University in Object-Oriented Software Development. I don' currently have a paid job due to health problems but I have a passion for designing things, both software and hardware. I write software as a hobby and also work on other inventions when I have a chance. I believe in elegance from simplicity and form follows function - the whole desgin of a user experience with a product is important (and that includes documentation, something which is sadly overlooked in many projects). Furthermore hands on experience with your own products is crucial. Few things annoy me more than a product which clearly has never been used day to day by the people who designed it.

Much of what I write software wise is open source and I'm a big user of Linux, FreeBSD, PHP, GIMP, Inkscape, LibreOffice & Shotwell. Recently however I've become more frustrated by the archictecture of the GUI stack on Linux and have moved away from Linux as a development platform for anything but servers, to Haiku which is particularly attractive for my embedded systems. I tinker with AVRs, electric cars and have a particular interest in telecommunications and telephone switching. I am a founder and a director/trustee of The Communications Museum Trust and I'm currently studying accounting.

Andrew Wood