Run mailing lists even without admin access to the mail server for your domain

Picks up incoming mail through a standard POP/IMAP mailbox, sends via a standard (external) SMTP server

Customisable authentication of authorised posters via a plug in architecture - connect to a database, directory or whatever backend system you have for keeping track of subscribers

Designed for situations where subscribe/unsubscribe is handled by an external interface & software rather than by emailed commands

Archiving of messages (optional)

Fully Multithreaded

Does not require public or static IP address. Works behind NAT

Known issues:

Requires use of modified Haiku Mail Kit at present to permit relaying of messages

Due to an issue with the Mail Kit it currently strips the senders name from the From: header and just uses the email address - i.e From: User <user@domain> becomes From: <user@domain> otherwise Mail Kit chokes on it

Haiku seemingly does not lock a file to block reads until a write is completed therefore MailMistress will often read an empty file on first attempt if it attempts to read it whilst Mail Kit is still writing to it. - Setting FAILEDMSGRETRY to a low value such as 60 seconds will cause the message to be re-read and processed ASAP.

MailMistress is free open source software licensed under the GPL

Current Version: 0.8.5 (ALPHA STATUS)


Download Ready to run app
(x86 32 bit)

Source code from GitHub

Download modified MailKit

User Guide


Ideas, bug fixes, questions?

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